How to activate Windows 11

How to activate Windows 11

Since Windows is not distributed free of charge, each copy of this operating system must be registered, activate Windows 11 confirm your right to use it. This procedure is called Windows 11 activation. Microsoft’s policy is that you do not need to activate it right away when installing the OS.

activate Windows 11

If desired, a person cannot do this for a month, however, the functionality of an unactivated copy will be limited: the user will not be able to configure it at his own discretion and update it, and periodic reboots and annoying notification requiring registration will make working at the computer unbearable. This manual offers various ways to activate Windows 11 for users who prefer to buy software rather than download it from questionable resources.


Activating Windows 11 with a license key

Probably, “ten” is the last operating system from Microsoft, which can still be purchased in a box, and in the future the company will switch exclusively to digital versions.

The latter are registered automatically, without user intervention, and with copies on a physical medium, things are a little more complicated. Inside the box with the flash drive contains a twenty-five-digit code – the Windows 11 activation key. It will also be indicated on a sticker stuck to the computer case if it was sold with the system already installed.

If the user knows the license key, there will be no problems. It can be entered during OS installation, the installer will offer this option. If, for one reason or another, we skip this activation stage, then after installation we do the following:

Open the “Options” menu by pressing the Win + I combination, then go to the “Update and Security” subsection.

We type the required sequence of numbers, confirm the changes and wait for the end of the check.


What to do if the key is lost

You can register the Windows 11 key even if the user does not know the key – for example, a card with a code from the box is lost. Since the key is always stored inside the operating system itself, it only needs to be retrieved. To do this, you can use one of the third-party programs – for example, ProduKey. After downloading and unpacking this free utility, open it, select the line with the name of our OS, call the context menu and select the “Copy Product Key” option. If desired, the sequence of numbers can be simply rewritten.


Activating Windows 11 using your phone

Registering Windows by entering the key will only be possible when connected to the Internet, since the data is sent and verified by Microsoft servers online. If there is no access to the network or the developer services are overloaded, it is possible to activate the OS by phone. Sequencing:

Press the Win and R keys simultaneously, type slui 4 in the window that opens, then OK.

The “Activation Wizard” program will open, where we first select our own region.

Here we see the required phone number, as well as the “installation code” – a sequence of numbers that will allow Microsoft to identify our copy of Windows.

We dial the specified number (the call to it is free) and follow the instructions of the autoinformer. When he asks, we enter the installation code already known to us (63 digits) directly through the phone.

In response, the machine tells us a confirmation code To use it, click the “Enter code” button in the Activation Wizard window.

We hang up and enter the numbers that we were told (a total of 48).

Don’t worry, this Windows 11 registration method is one of the safest. Since the process is controlled by a robot, the intervention of third parties is excluded. In addition, the method does not imply the transfer of personal data, and their leakage from the PC is also impossible. The main rule is to call exclusively at the number indicated by the Activation Wizard.


Possible problems

Sometimes the telephone registration system malfunctions. Most often, users face the following difficulties:

Synchronization error. The reason is incorrect display of the date and current time in Windows. If they are set correctly, you should choose a different activation method.

Call reset. There may be a line issue or technical work at the Microsoft call center. It is advisable to call on weekdays from 9 am to 8 pm Moscow time.

Data not recognized. The user probably made a mistake when entering the confirmation key. The sequence must be checked and re-entered.


How to activate Windows 11 with digital resolution

This activation method was originally intended for members of the Windows 11 product activation key  a special Windows pre-testing program. Its essence lies in the fact that users who agree to participate in the program receive a free license for Windows 11 along with a package of updates that have not yet been tested. These people act as laboratory mice: developers receive data from their computers about problems that have arisen, correct updates, and only then send them to all other Windows owners.

You need to understand that such cooperation has more risks than benefits. There are cases when, due to incomplete updates, processors and video chips burned out on computers, or critical errors occurred, due to which the OS had to be reinstalled . At the same time, in accordance with the agreement that the user accepts, Microsoft disclaims all responsibility for the damage caused by the update.

It should also be borne in mind that the company does not provide program members with a free Windows 11 license forever, and activation will only be valid as long as the person participates in testing. The “digital permit” is issued for three months with the possibility of renewal for the same period. For those who still find the offer interesting, the algorithm is as follows:

Click “Start” and go to the “Control Panel”, and from there – to the “Update and Security” section. In it, select the item “Windows Insider Program” and then “Start”.

A window opens in which we are offered to sign in to a Microsoft account or create one.

Next, we select one of the three types of updates that we will receive as part of the program. The difference lies in the “dampness” of the components. Available options:

Receive new components immediately after their release (initial testing of updates);

Receive service packs after they pass the initial check;

Receive kits of new components immediately before the official release (the final stage of testing).

Of course, the least risky is the last option, so it’s better to choose it.

We reboot the computer and through the search box we find the “Update Center”. Go to it and click “Check for Updates”. We receive the first package of data within the Windows Insider and with it the “digital resolution”.

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