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With the release of a new version of Office, Microsoft was unexpectedly in the spotlight for me. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal. However, all the media wrote about the update. And I was already delighted, having decided that there was a lot, tasty and interesting. However, the event, as it turned out upon closer examination, is not so significant, since, for example, in Office 365 ProPlus, which I have been constantly using for several years, all Office 2019 updates have long been. I started using some of them two years ago. And if you look at the page with updates on the official Microsoft blog, it becomes absolutely unclear where all the fuss comes from. Microsoft is probably experiencing ambivalence right now. On the one hand, they are certainly glad to be in the spotlight. The media write about updates, bloggers are filming the story of how Office conquered the world, and stuff like that. On the other hand, it is obvious that Microsoft does not like Office 2019 and released it only because it was already indecent to pull further. Microsoft understands that it is not one-off sales that are important, but a stable cash flow. After all, whatever one may say, and Office at the moment remains the largest source of profit. Comment on the graph below. In Microsoft terminology: More Personal Computing is Windows and games, and Productivity and Business is Microsoft Office and Linkedin. Microsoft has released its fiscal 2018 results. And the graph shows that Microsoft’s financial future rests on two pillars – cloud computing and office software. By the way, cloud computing has already surpassed Windows in net profit and almost equaled revenue from Office, and a year ago the lag was much more noticeable. Since the summer of 2011, when Office 365 was first introduced, Microsoft has consistently pushed its relevance. Office 365 is a subscription service, which means you can use it as long as you pay money. But independent versions of Office, the so-called standalone, are, in fact, lost to business users. They paid the money once and disappeared from the radar, since the basic needs of the office majority are more than covered by Office 2010. For example, when discussing the topic, Roman Belykh said that he used Office 2003 with great pleasure until it started to fail on Windows 10,  windows 11 download

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However, there are fewer people like Roman, and users around the world are slowly getting used to and crawling to the subscription model, since 300 rubles a month, or 1 kg of chicken fillet on sale, or two hamburgers are not so much money for most. In the case of an Office 365 subscription, the psychology trick also works – giving 269-330 rubles each month (depending on the version from 1 to 5 installations) is morally easier than spending 5,199 rubles right away (for 1 installation). This is evidenced by figures from the annual report. The entire Office category grew 10% year over year, while Office 365 soared 38%. The total number of subscribers reached 31.4 million. Microsoft has tried to make the “one-time” Office an ugly duckling that you won’t want to buy. To begin with, finding a separate version of Office on the official Microsoft website is a small quest. For example, this is what the main Office page looks like. you can also check windows 11 download.

What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019

The main difference is that you buy a separate Office only once and you can use it as much as you like. And this is the only plus. Now the cons. First, there are only 4 applications in a separate Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. By the way, the latter is already completely free and comes with Windows or is downloaded from the AppStore for macOS. No Outlook, Publisher or Access for you. It is especially unclear why Outlook was taken away. While Publisher and Access are not specific programs for everyone, Outlook is a powerful and practical email client. Second, Microsoft will have little or no support for a standalone Office. Sometimes security patches will arrive, but no more. No new features. While Office 365 comes with some updates, fixes and tweaks almost every month. For example, in September, Microsoft corrected an issue that I think everyone who uses Excel has encountered: “September 5 Update: Fixes an issue in Excel where the dotted line marking the range of cells the user has selected to copy does not disappear and remain on the clipboard even during subsequent user operations, such as “paste” “. But the owner of a separate version of Excel is doomed, as I understand it, to suffer until he changes his office to a subscription one. In the same way, he will not receive new diagrams and other features. It is clear that business dictates its own rules, but nevertheless it is a little offensive that, having bought the program for the price of an almost 2-year subscription, you practically do not receive technical support.

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