What is Windows 10 SuperFetch and what is it for

Today we are going to explain what the Windows 10 SuperFetch function is and what it is for. Microsoft describes it as a system that “maintains and improves system performance over time,” a description that doesn’t really clarify anything about how it works. However, it is an always-on internal Windows tool that takes advantage of the RAM you have left over to speed up the applications you use the most by preloading them in the system. We will explain it better so that you understand what it means, and we will end up explaining also how to disable it, although it is not recommended to do it on most computers.

Service Host SuperFetch High Disk Usage

What is SuperFetch

SuperFetch is a feature that was introduced in Windows Vista, and is dedicated to analyzing our RAM usage patterns in the background. In this way, this feature is able to “learn” what type of applications are the ones you use most often, and puts them within an internal list.

What Windows does afterwards is to optimize the loading of these applications, and it does so by preloading them into the computer’s RAM. This means that since Windows knows that you often use these applications, it opens them before you do so so that when you decide to run them, they load faster.

SuperFetch is a tool designed to fill the remaining RAM with these preloaded applications. However, it only uses the RAM that is deprecated, and as soon as your operating system needs to use more RAM to load other applications, the tool dispenses or renounces the memory that is necessary so as not to hinder the correct operation of the system.

This means that SuperFetch high disk usage fix is not something that is going to bother you, and if there is any kind of slowdown because of it, it will only be in very isolated cases and only for just a few seconds. In exchange for these unlikely consequences, the performance of the computer will generally improve thanks to this preload of applications. high disk usage problem solved click here to do following steps

What is SuperFetch for?

SuperFetch helps the applications you use the most load faster. Since it has them preloaded in the RAM memory of your computer, the loading process is much faster when you decide to run these applications, and you will practically not notice it in most modern computers with specifications in the market average.

As we have said, you do not have to worry about these preloads going to consume too much RAM. SuperFetch is not like Chrome or other applications, it is a system that will free up the memory that you are using when the computer needs it, and that will only use the memory that is left over when you use the computer.

However, the fact that it is always working will cause this feature to consume CPU and RAM constantly, so you may want to disable it in the content of needing to speed up a slow running computer. It can also give you some occasional issue when playing games if your computer has less than 4 GB of RAM, and it can also cause the CPU to work a little too hard when restarting while loading programs into RAM.

However, it is not recommended that SuperFetch be the first sacrificed if you are looking to speed up your computer. It is a system that you can deactivate whenever you want, but when doing so it may happen that the applications load a little slower, especially those that you use daily, since none of them will be preloaded.

How to disable SuperFetch

If you want to improve the performance of a PC with little RAM, it is recommended that you first try alternatives such as configuring virtual memory to act as RAM. However, in the event that for whatever reason you finally decide to sacrifice total load speed for any specific problem that may windows 11 pro download be giving you, you can start by opening the start menu and launching the Services application.

Once you load the Services panel, search and click to select the SuperFetch (1) option. Once you do, on your left you will see two options, and there you must click on the Stop (2) option to stop this feature.

Once you are in the SuperFetch properties, click on the dropdown panel of the Startup type option, and select the Disabled option from the options that will open. Now you only have to click OK to apply the changes.


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