Top search engine SEO Tools 2020

  1. SEOquake– One of the most favorite tools of most SEO-specialists, a browser plugin is SEOquake. SeoQuake 3 Phases: SeoToolbar (the requested parameters are displayed in a separate toolbar in the browser window), Seobar (the requested parameters are displayed as a separate block of HTML code that is fully customizable with CSS) and the output of the requested parameters for search engine search results. List of the most popular parameters:
  • Google PR
  • Google Index
  • Google link
  • Google cached
  • Yandex CY;
  • Yandex index;
  • Yandex catalog;
  • Alexa Rank
  • WebArchive age;
  • And many others.

It is possible to set any of your own parameters.


2. Advego

One of the most popular and convenient services for receiving text content. On Advego you can order both voluminous reviews and articles, as well as short, most natural reviews on any resources. Well, you can not help but mention Advego Plagiatus, an Internet search program for partial or full copies of a text document with an intuitive interface. Plagiarism shows the degree of uniqueness of the text, its sources, percentage of coincidence. It also checks the uniqueness of the specified URL.

  1. Key Collector

The program allows you to quickly and conveniently collect key phrases for compiling a semantic core, determine their competitiveness, cost and effectiveness, as well as conduct an express analysis of the site for its content matching this core.

  • collection of key phrases;
  • determination of the value and value of phrases;
  • definition of relevant pages;
  • picking up positions;
  • receiving recommendations for linking;
  • setting of any own parameters is possible.

4. FastTrast

This is a parser program that collects information about site parameters from various sources. The most important parameters:

  • TRUST;
  • Spam
  • TIC and PR;
  • indexing;
  • WebArchive
  • Google site links;
  • Yandex quick links;
  • viruses on the site;
  • some data from Ahrefs, Majestic, SeoMoz, Alexa, Spywords, etc.
  1. Serpstat

The best Ukrainian service for website analysis. Parses search results for all sites that are in and update search results once a week. Yandex information is also available. An indispensable assistant for website promotion in Ukraine. Key features:

  • analysis of site visibility;
  • verification of search engine results;
  • selection of keywords;
  • getting statistics on competitors.
  • We hope this collection is useful for your work. If you want to add a tool to the list, write it in the comments.

SEO-tools for promotion in the Western segment of the Network

To promote the site to the west, you will need special SEO-tools that will take on a lot of routine work and help save time. And if with domestic instruments everything is more or less clear, then with foreign ones often not everything is obvious. So what is better to use when the goal is a promotion in Canada, the USA or Europe?

You can track the position of a site and analyze competitors using the popular Serps or SemRush services. These are excellent services for professionals who have a lot of opportunities and allow you to solve a lot of pressing problems. True, to take advantage of all these opportunities, you have to pay.

Full-fledged professional-level content analysis can be done using the BuzzSumo service. This service also allows you to find and analyze the popularity of particular content on social networks. You can find out what content is popular with users for a particular keyword. The service monitors social networks and can provide information on the number of “likes” and reposts on a topic of interest.

SEO-tools for promotion

As for link mass analysis, here are some useful options to choose from. First of all, this is an indispensable service Alexa, which shows the sources of traffic, links, determines the popularity of the site as a whole. Another important service to advance in the West is MOZ. This service can be considered universal. It contains a lot of features and tools that can be useful to an SEO specialist at work. Moreover, this service has earned a good reputation and is popular. An alternative is to consider Majestic. This service largely repeats and duplicates MOZ. Of course, there are many more useful services for promotion in the western segment than are presented here. But even they will already be quite enough for competent and effective work.

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