SuperFetch on SSD drives

Although it is true that this tool accelerates the performance of our system in terms of the most efficient use of programs, it is a harmful tool for SSD storage units. This is because the tool uses our hard drive and its read and write patterns to learn about which tools we use the most.

This feature places added stress on storage units and causes them to cycle more read and write. The memory cells of an SSD drive allow fewer write and erase cycles than normal hard drives, so they will degrade earlier and the life of the drive will be shortened considerably. For this reason, this service should be disabled on operating systems that are installed on SSD drives.

Windows 10 already has functions that automatically identify if the drives are SSD or not, so it will automatically deactivate this service. Although if we are not sure, we can check and disable it manually.

Disable SuperFetch

Disable SuperFetch service Windows 10

SuperFetch is a service, and as such can be disabled without any problem. To do this, follow these steps:

  • The first thing we will have to do is go to the Start menu and write: “Services”.
  • Press Enter or click on the option that appears with the same name.
  • A window will appear with a large list of system services. Our task will be to locate the service with the name “SuperFetch”. For this we give the name tab and these will be ordered according to the alphabet.
  • To stop it we can do it from the top left of the screen where the options of “Stop or Restart the service” appear. Although this will start again every time we turn on our equipment. The best thing is to right-click on the service and choose the properties option.
  • If we want to definitively turn off the service in “Startup type”we choose “Disabled”
  • Next, we click the “Stop” button.
  • To restart and reset it we should only come here again and select the options of “Automatic” and “Start”

Another way to locate this service is through the Task Manager:

  1. Right click on the taskbar and choose “Task Manager”
  2. We go to the services tab and look for the name “SysMain”
  3. We only have to right-click and choose “Open services”

We must say that the benefits of normal PC work are greater than the problems it will give. For this reason we recommend windowliveupdates not to disable this service unless we observe a slow computer. In this case, if we see that it is not solved too much with its deactivation, it is best to keep it active.


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