How to write a degree on the keyboard

As part of this article, I will tell you how to write a degree on the keyboard using different methods. Almost every person periodically needs to indicate a degree in text documents. And it does not have to be calculation formulas for calculating nuclear fusion. For example, square meters, the volume of liquids and the like. However, not everyone knows how to do this on the keyboard. Therefore, we will consider several methods below.

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Writing a degree on the keyboard

First, consider two universal methods, the first of which can be used everywhere, and the second in most cases. First. To indicate the degrees symbol, you can use the special symbol “” (the key combination Shift + 6 in the transliteration layout). Used like this. If you, for example, need to write 10 to the 20th degree, then write 10 20. It is worth noting that such a record is considered almost universal, since this character is in any encoding and does not require any tricks.

Second. This is the use of special characters that can be written using the Alt button and the numbers in the right block of the keyboard keys (to turn it on, press the NumLock key, then be sure to check that the corresponding light on the keyboard lights up). However, there is a limitation in writing degree symbol alt code. Only two degrees are supported – this is squaring and cube. For the 2nd degree, the combination Alt + 0178 is used (hold down Alt, type the code from the numbers, and then release Alt), and for the 3rd degree, the combination of keys Alt + 0179 is used.

These characters are supported in almost all text and document editors.

Note : Please note that on laptops the keypad with numbers can be switched on with the Fn key (depending on the model, there may be different combinations).

Note : By the way, you can also use the symbol table, as was shown in the overview for the root symbol.

Specify a degree in the Word Editor

In the office Word editor to solve a similar problem, in addition to the above, you can also use two additional methods for writing a degree.

First. If you have Word 2007 and higher, then in the ribbon with buttons in the “” tab in the “Font” block, you can see an icon with the letter X squared. Accordingly, to indicate the degree, you only need to select the text that will indicate the degree, and then click this button with the mouse. I note that the degree can be any, even letters, the 2nd degree in the icon is just for convenience.

Second. If you have Word 2003 and lower, how to type degree symbol or you didn’t like the first method, you can do the same through the context menu. To do this, select the text with the degree, right-click on it and select “Font” in the menu that appears. A window with font settings will appear. There you need to put a checkmark opposite “superscript” and click the “OK” button.

How to write a degree on the keyboard in any editor, Word

Often when writing various parameters, for example a square meter or a cubic meter, it is necessary to write a number as a power.

If you need to do this once and forever forget about degrees, then you just need to copy the number recorded by the degree and paste in the right place: x² – square, x³ – cube.

But if you have a constant need to write numbers in this way, then we will tell you how to write a degree on the keyboard so that you can always do it yourself.

The first way – holding the Alt key, type the keys on the numeric keypad in the desired order

To write the square degree: Alt + 0178.

To write a cubic degree: Alt + 0179.

For this method to work, the English layout must be enabled on your keyboard . This combination works in all editors, such as Notepad, Word, NotePad, WordPress visual editor, almost everywhere where you can type text. Just search and you get your answer here about degree symbol

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