Advantage of Windows 10’s task manager

Most users use Windows Task Manager only to end a frozen application that crashes the system. And a little more. Other possibilities offered by this tool are surely being lost. If this is your case, today we review other less known but very interesting functions of this system application. If you are interested in controlling what happens on your computer taking full advantage of the Windows 10 task manager, read on.

How to access the task manager

Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Del. This is the method that almost everyone knows. It can be used but in Windows 11 download, Task Manager does not start directly and you will have to make an additional click to start it.

  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Much better than the previous one, it immediately launches the Task Manager and on top it can be used with one hand.
  • Task bar. If you right click on the taskbar there is an option to access the administrator.
  • Advanced user menu. Another quick access using the mouse. Right click on the start button to access the advanced menu and you will also find this Task Manager.
  • If you use the run command open the dialog with Wim + R and type “taskmgr”.
  • Check why the application is frozen

As we mentioned, the most common reason to open the task manager is to end a frozen application. But, when you are in this situation wait a bit, it may not be frozen and it just takes a while to complete the process. A new “analyze” function can help identify the problem and avoid having to liquidate the application by brute force which can result in data loss. It is only available in the details tab.

Task Manager (Windows) - Wikipedia

Restart Windows Explorer

Sometimes some parts of the system are not responding (taskbar, file explorer, Start, etc.), while other applications are running fine. Restarting the computer will solve the problem, but restarting the browser may suffice. The task manager now has a special action for it. If you use it, it will finish the task and restart automatically. If you want to know about How to open task manager on mac click on the link.

Performance and Resource Monitor

This is where the Windows 11 iso  Task Manager really shines. Not only does it provide an overview of all running processes and applications, but it also has several tools to effectively monitor system performance and how resources are allocated. It includes a lot of information, from the resource monitor (RAM, processor…) that offers data visualization in real time; diagnostic information with logs that you can share for evaluations; network details and other resources of interest.

Online search for suspicious processes

Sometimes you may see unknown processes in the task manager. Most of them will be legitimate, but if you don’t trust it, you can check it by clicking on the suspicious process and activating the online search. This will initiate a search in the browser with the name of the application and the name of the process, and will help determine whether or not it is safe or malicious. Open task manager shortcut keys ctrl+shift+delete

Add additional columns for more detail

By default, the new Task Manager only displays five columns when processes are listed: Name, CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network. While they are the most important, you can actually add up to six more columns simply by right-clicking in the header area. All of them can be useful in the right situation, particularly the process name because it makes it easier to detect suspicious applications by their process name.

Toggle between values ​​and percentages

When browsing the list of processes, the CPU column can show percentages, but in the other three columns by default you can change them to absolute values, more useful in some situations. Just right click on any process, go to the resources submenu and you will be able to exchange between one and the other. Task manager information


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